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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
1:21 pm
Warning: Following post is EMO. I couldnt sleep last nite, and this is why.

My thoughts are flowing like a river
I usually try to keep stuff like this in
but it seems unstoppable at this point

I know I lack certain things that will allow me
to move foward with my life but it doesn't stop me
from being alone.

I think this past weekend was the catalyst.
I know I sound jealous and I guess I am.
I can't understand why everyone in my circle of friends seems to
have some sort of random "charisma" (ironic coming from the kid wearing the Captain Charisma shirt).
It seems like everyone pairs up and I stand in the background alone watching everyone have fun and be together.

I know I sound pathetic and I try not to bitch and whine because I know I'm not your average twenty six year old and I know I need self confidence but its kind of hard when all youve had in your life is rejection and nothing.
I mean their are 12 yr olds who have had more action than me.
I mean as one friend told me this weekend I have no gimmick and no game.

I just wish someone of the female persuasion would notice me.
I feel its unfair when people who are ungeniune and cocky and are just trying to get in a girls pants get the girl while guys with good intentions and an honest heart stay alone.

It's not that this bothers me every day, or every hour.
But when it hits its like a emotoinal timebomb.
I feel like screaming, or crying or maybe both.

Again I'm not asking for pity, I would just like to finally find someone...and not be


Current Mood: crushed
Thursday, May 17th, 2007
4:30 pm
..........Veronica Mars is dead...........
So many emotions running through me right now.

Bottom Line: It's Over.

First of all to those who say "its only a tv show"......Fuck You!

anywhow Veronica Mars is officially cancelled, and the CW has instead decided to bring such amazing tv shows next season in its place including a beauty pagent and a farmer dating show.

All i know is that for 3 seasons, i enjoyed this show on the level of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel. It was that good. Kristen Bell is an amazing actress and the cast all around was fantastic.

I havent felt this pissed off/depressed since they cancelled Angel back in 04. I know i knew this was coming but I am sick to my stomach after seeing the dreck that CW is putting on next season.

At least we have 3 wonderful seasons that will live on forever on DVD.

Goodbye Veronica Mars, you'll be missed.

I have no more words, too mad to write anything.

please do it for me in my comments.

Current Mood: crushed
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
12:44 am
I had a dream last night, one of those that when you wake up is really real and emotional and think it really happened. Its pretty much ruined my day so far lol.

basically i dreamt about this girl i used to talk to all the time in class in college years ago and i never made the move but she was cute as a button and so cool....but anyways i dreamt she found me and was saying how her life hadnt been complete without me and that she needs a bf and its me.......and i said somewaht around the same thing ....and we kissed and it was happy and emotional and went on for a while.........and then i woke up...grr and its like thrown off my whole day

its weird cuz i havent really thought of her in years

Current Mood: depressed
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
1:14 pm
Awesome Y2J interview
Powerslam: It sounds like you're enjoying these other challenges and aren't missing wrestling at all.

Chris Jericho: In wrestling, I've done everything. I am one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Not to get too big of a head, but - my God! - you can see the difference (in WWE) since I've been gone. But after 15 years in wrestling, I needed to take a step back. I was getting burned out.

PS: You weren't wrestling like someone who was burned out last summer. In fact, your performances against John Cena were some of the finest of your career.

CJ: I appreciate that. But I felt that I was caught in a rut. I'm goal-oriented, and I felt that I'd achieved everything in wrestling. I still felt like I was on top of my game and I was performing to a high standard; I mean, I need to live up to certain standards because I am Chris Jericho and I always try to steal the show. I just felt like I was hanging around in WWE and was just there to 'be there.' That's not what I am about.

So I went to Vince McMahon and told him that I wanted to go out on top, or as close to the top as I could. I felt that I stole the show in the last pay-per-view match I had (at Summerslam). No disrespect meant to Hulk (Hogan) or Shawn (Michaels), but I felt my match at Summerslam (vs John Cena) was by far the best match on the card. I also felt that I stole the show in my last appearance on Raw. If I never, ever go back, I can hold my head up high because I went out with some great performances.

PS: Let's say for the sake of argument that you don't wrestle again and your career is judged on your matches and performances from your debut in October 1990 to your Loser-Gets-Fired match on August 22, 2005. Where would you rank yourself in the all-time wrestling pantheon? Where do you think you stand compared to the Hogans, Rocks and Austins?

CJ: Well, Rock, Austin, and Hogan are the biggest stars you will ever have. I think Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are the best two wrestlers you will ever have. I would put myself in a latter day Ricky Steamboat or Roddy Piper-type category. Except for the fact that I held the WWE title. I think I've had a similar career to those guys. I think I'm on that second tier after The Rock, Austin and Hogan and Bret and Shawn; I think I'm on the next level down from that. I think I'm every bit as good as a Ric Flair or a Triple H in their primes.

PS: You intimated earlier that WWE has been a poorer place since you departed. Would you care to elaborate on that?

CJ: A big reason is that guys they are having to put in these top positions just aren't ready. They don't have the experience. I'm part of probably the last generation of wrestlers, along with Mick Foley, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and guys like that, who had a wealth of experience before they became big stars.

Nowadays, guys are given a developmental deal with WWE and six months later, they are in OVW and, six months after that, they are on WWE television...and they're just not ready. And these guys - they are working hard, I know - but they all have exactly the same experience and all act and even look exactly the same. Therefore, they can't get over and, in most cases, won't get over because they are too afraid to try anything new or off the cuff because they are afraid of getting into trouble with the company.

PS: Surely, WWE should be held accountable for that. WWE has created a working environment in which performers' freedom and spontaneity is severely restricted. You can hardly fault the talent - especially indexperienced wrestlers - for following instructions.

CJ: I don't understand why it's like that... But I think it's a big problem for WWE. When I broke in, it was all about taking a chance, being different, coming up with something original - but, now, it isn't like that at all. It's the opposite of that, if anything.

PS: Going back to the subject of your place in history. You said that you're on the second tier, beneath Hogan, Austin and Rock. Let's say you do return to wrestling: what would you have to achieve in order to join that trio in the premier bracket?

CJ: I'll never be a Steve Austin. I'll never be a Rock or a Hulk Hogan. Those three are super-duper-duper guys: they are out on their own and, no matter how hard someone like me tries or wants it, those three are out of my reach. We were very lucky to have Rock and Austin at the same time, and now we may have to wait a very long time for another star like that. Those guys are wrestling's answer to Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali: they were born with something very special.

But I am happy with my career. I think if you took a poll in ten years and asked fans whom they most enjoyed watching wrestling on television, my name would be in the top ten every time. Are Bret or Shawn and Chris Benoit better wrestlers than me? Yes. Do they have better personae than me? Possibly not - depends on who you ask. You have guys like Foley, Triple H, and The Undertaker, who were also great wrestlers and performers, and I think my name belongs with those guys.

PS: One wrestler whom I know you rate highly in WWE right now is Shelton Benjamin. Can you explain why WWE hasn't done more to capitalize on his abilities?

CJ: Shelton is such a talent - the sky is the limit for him. He is so agile and quick; he's just fun to work with. He's very rare, like Rey Mysterio, in that you don't need to ask him if he can do something in the ring because you already know he can do it, whatever it is.

I don't know why Shelton isn't where he should be at. Maybe one person saw him do a promo one afternoon and decided that he can't do a promo and can't be a character. Who knows? I know that the options the company has (to fill headliner positions) are getting thinner and thinner, and some of the guys they are putting in these roles - and I won't mention any names; if you watch the shows, you don't need me to tell you who they are - really aren't ready to be in OVW, never mind on Raw or Smackdown! You can see it in the matches, in the interviews and in the entire show.

I don't want to bury anyone, but some guys are just so green. And yeah, they can be carried by Shawn or Kurt (Angle). But they can't make anyone else look good, and that's what a headliner should be able to do.

What I also know is that the company and the business as a whole, is focusing too much on the reasons why certain people should fail, rather than the reasons why they should make it. There cuold be a million reasons why someone should fail and only one why they should succeed, but that person can still become a star based on the one thing he is great at. Look at The Ultimate Warrior.

I just know that guys need the chance to succeed or fail on their own merits, and they need more than a two-month push - they need a two-year push. People won't buy a (mid-carder) as a headliner at first, not usually. People didn't buy Triple H as a headliner or World champion initially, but the company stuck with him and kept pushing him and he got better, and now he's a big star.

PS: I've noticed that most new wrestlers haven't learned that it's the little things that make a wrestler a bona fide star. Like playing up to the hard camera during a rest hold or working the crowd between moves.

CJ: What you mention is quickly becoming a lost art. What I realized in WCW was that it doesn't matter if you've got one minute of air time or ten, there are still millions of people watching and you can still start to get over with them if you do something - anything - to stand out. A lot of these guys, who we're not mentioning by name, think it's all about having bigger muscles than the next guy or doing the most spectacular move, but it has nothing to do with that. It is about doing something unique, character-wise, which creates a connection with the audience.

You have to connect with the crowd. That's why Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair will have good matches until the day they retire, because they know how to do that. It doesn't matter if you only have 40 seconds out there; do something, anything, to show that you are different.

PS: You said you have nothing left to achieve in wrestling. But wouldn't you fancy another WWE title reign? Or how about facing Samoa Joe or AJ Styles in X division matches in TNA? That would be something new and different.

CJ: Well, first off I can't agree that it would be something new to do X division matches because we invented X division matches man! Me, Benoit, Malenko, Ultimo Dragon, all those guys; we were doing X division in the early 1990s in Japan, then ECW, then WCW. Us and those matches were the only thing worth watching on those three-hour Nitros from the late 1990s.

Sound familiar? Same thing with TNA today: the X division is the hottest thing they have and probably the thing they have which makes them a threat to WWE in the long run.

Does Samoa Joe have good, stiff matches? Yeah. But he can't hold a candle to Chris Benoit ten years ago. Basically, there's not a single guy doing that stuff today who is better than the guys doing it before it was called the X division.

There's a lot of great workers in TNA, don't get me wrong. I think Joe is amazing, I think Chris Daniels and AJ Styles are great, and I would love to work with those guys if I have the chance in the future.

PS: But what about another WWE title run? You never wore the main title again after you put Triple H over at WrestleMania X8.

CJ: Well, I always point out that I'm a three-time World champion because I won the WWF and WCW titles on the same night and had previously held the WCW title.

Could I have been World champion more often? Yes. Should I have been World champion more often? I think, yes, also. What can I say? I had the qualifications, I had the tools, but things didn't go that way. For me, once I won the Undisputed championship, I felt that it wouldn't really matter if I won it again because I held both belts and, when people think, 'Undisputed champ,' they think of me. I'll always be the first Undisputed champ.

PS: That's true. However, it is also true that many of your fans were angry that you were booked so weakly during your Undisputed reign, particularly in the run-up to your match with HHH at Wrestlemania X8 when you were presented as something akin to Stephanie McMahon's errand boy. Walking Lucy the dog for Steph can't have been the stuff of your boyhood dreams...

CJ: Stephanie being part of the whole thing took (heat) off me, there's no doubt about it. But, actually, it was kinda my idea: I thought it would be fun that while Hunter was gone, recovering from his quadriceps injury, that all that time his wife Stephanie was having an affair with Chris Jericho.

The affair part of the story line never made it on the air. Why was that?
Certain people felt that Triple H wasn't the kind of babyface who would fall for that. They felt he wasn't the kind of guy whose wife would cheat on him.

PS: Who were these 'certain people'?

CJ: Triple H (laughs)! What we were left with after (the affair aspect) was taken out sucked, if we're honest. It wasn't very good. But that's part of the business.

If I had that time again, I would not have accepted all that stuff. But it was my first big title run and it is a tough road to travel. A lot of people were trying to bury me at the time. All I could do was wrestle to the best of my ability and do the best job I could... That's all I could have done at that stage: I was never asked for my opinions, even though I was champion.

PS: Do you believe the poor build-up explains the feeble crowd reaction to your WM X8 main event with HHH?

CJ: It didn't help - but I also thought that having me vs Triple H on last was a huge mistake. It was obvious to me that nothing could ever follow Rock vs Hulk Hogan. I actually wanted our match to go on before them but, at the time, I wasn't asked for my opinion. Funny thing is, three years after my title run, Vince and the office would ask for my input so much more often than when I was champion.

Trying to make Jericho vs Triple H the main event when Rock vs Hogan was (the lead attraction) was obviously a mistake. You couldn't put a heavyweight boxing title match after Tyson vs Ali and expect people to be pumped.

No one can pretend the crowd reaction to that match was good. It was Triple H's idea that we go on last: he felt that the World title match should always be last on the show - but nothing could have been bigger than Rock vs Hogan.

PS: Do you think the Triple H feud overshadows the stronger aspects of your Undisputed run, such as the matches and angles with The Rock and Steve Austin?

CJ: I do think people forget that the stuff with The Rock was very good. The match we had at the Royal Rumble was one of my favorites... I was just talking with Steve Austin last night and he loved it when I attacked him with his own beer cooler and beat the sh** out of him before our match at No Way Out. I did some fun stuff. I had three months as champion. I'd like to point out that I did do good matches and good interviews during that time. I didn't just clean up Lucy's sh**!

PS: Some fans believe you were purposely undermined by Stephanie when the two of you were associated in 2002.

CJ: I appreciate that they care so much about what I'm doing or the spot I'm in, but one of the things to remember is that I was playing the whining, cowardly heel. I wasn't a kick-ass babyface; I wasn't doing that role. Fans have been saying: "I hated it that you were kicking and screaming and crying after your last match on Raw" - and are surprised whey I tell them that it was my idea. I figured, what better way for Chris Jericho - the guy who always cries and moans and blames people - to leave Raw, maybe forever, than to go crying and screaming? I think it was the perfect way for Chris Jericho, the heel, to go out.

PS: Though you were the heel in your feud with John Cena, many fans refused to boo you.

CJ: The match at SummerSlam was weird because I couldn't have done a better job as a heel and he couldn't have been a better babyface. But there was a vocal part of the crowd who just respected me and wanted me to get the title back after so many years. And there's the (percentage) of the crowd who always saw through Cena and they were vocal that night.

Cena works hard, he's a good guy, but he's had everything handed to him on a silver platter, and some fans don't like it. Now, it has really snowballed into a situation where it is the cool thing to boo Cena, whether you like him or not.

PS: What would you do if you were Cena to combat the booing?

CJ: Well, a major mistake that he and the company made was to admit that people were booing him on Raw. That was a big, big mistake. Admitting defeat is always the wrong move. You should just keep doing your thing, regardless... But I think, at the same time, he has to change. He has to drop that rap gimmick; that sucks a little. He has to stop wearing the jean shorts, and he has to go out and say, "I don't care if you cheer me or not - I'll whip your ass."

Cena is working hard, but he needs help from the office; if they are not going to change him in the way he has to be changed, they'll have no choice but to turn him heel.

PS: Your buddy Jay 'Christian Cage' Reso told us in November that he wished that he'd been booked in a singles match with Cena at Vengeance 2005, instead of a Triple Threat match against Cena and you. Your thoughts?

CJ: You know why they put me in the middle with Jay and Cena? Because if they hadn't, they knew full well that the fans would have booed the hell out of Cena. They would have got what they are getting now, only six months earlier and 50 times worse. They knew that for sure, because when Jay was doing those promos ripping on Cena, the fans were cheering him like crazy. Jay had done such a great job getting over as a cocky, entertaining heel that the fans were ready and really wanted to see him taken to the next level.

The longer WWE refused to take Jay to the next level, the more frustrated the fans got about it. The fans were prepared to turn on absolutely anybody who got in Jay's way. They were especially ready to turn on someone who'd had everything handed to him. So, WWE added me to the match because in a one-on-one situation, Cena would have been crucified out there.

PS: Can TNA become genuine competition for WWE?

CJ: I don't know. They have the talent, but it depends on how they catch on. I'm not sure if bringing in Sting is that (catalyst), either - it's not like they've brought in Mick Foley. If they're bringing Sting in to turn him heel and fight AJ Styles and those guys, it will be great. But if they're bringing him in to fight Jeff Jarrett, it is really going to hurt them. It will tank. But TNA is something I am a fan of, and I would love to see them become big.

PS: Would you be interested in helping TNA grow larger?

CJ: Obviously, I've got friends there - but I'm really not looking at wrestling again for awhile. Depending on how these other projects go, I'm not looking at doing anything in wrestling for a year at least.

All I can say regarding TNA is that I hope they do get big, because wrestling has really missed having competition. I think WWE has missed it also.

PS: Going back to the autumn of 1999: Shortly after you joined the WWF, we heard that you were offered a contract release by Vince after you'd had a major blow-up with the DX clique, is that true?

CJ: It is true that DX tried everything they could think of to try and sabatoge me. They were scared to death when I joined the company and did everything - anything they possibly could - to place me in a bad light or undermine me.

As for being offered my release? Vince didn't do that, but he certainly gave me a telling off like I'd never had before or since! I took it as best I could, but it was a real humbling experience. That's classic Vince. Anyone new joining his company needs to beware. He doesn't care what you've done or where you've been: until you succeed in Vince's company, he doesn't care.

PS: Finally, you had a real fight with Bill Goldberg backstage at a Raw taping on April 7, 2003, which stemmed from the friction that was created between you when Goldberg refused to wrestle you in WCW in 1998. Give us the gory details.

CJ: That fight needed to happen. It was like a purging experience. I felt much better afterwards.

When he came to WCW, Bill was a real nice guy. Then, the wrong people got into his head and he got caught up in the whole scene of being on top. When he came into WWE, he was still trying to pull the same crap. I told him that wasn't the way things worked in WWE, and that's when we had our little...disagreement, shall we say (laughs).

PS: Is it a fact that you were in control when the fight was broken up?

CJ: I was kicking ass! Maybe I was lucky, maybe I wasn't. But the fact is that it's Jericho 1, Goldberg 0. If I see him again, I'll shake his hand. But at the time, he had to be shown that that attitude wasn't something that would be tolerated anymore.

PS: One account stated that you had Goldberg powerless in a submission hold.

CJ: That's correct.

PS: It wasn't the Walls of Jericho, was it?

CJ: No. It was a secret submission hold that I learned in Stu Hart's Dungeon in Calgary. But if I even told you the name of the hold, I'd have to kill you.

damn i miss jericho.......
Monday, January 30th, 2006
3:04 pm
John Cena - My Time Is Now
Your time is up, my time is now.
You can't see me my time is now.
It's the franchise, boy I'm shining now.
You can't see me my time is now.

John Cena
In case you forgot or fell off,
I'm still hot knock your shell off.
My money's stacked fat plus I can't turn this well off.
My franchise doing big business.
I live this, its automatic, I win this, oh you hear those horns, you finished.
A soldier, and I stay under you fighting,
Cause I'm storming on you chumps, like I'm thunder and lightning.
Aint no way you breaking me kid, I'm harder then nails.
Plus I keep it on lock, like I'm part of the jails.
Slaughtering stale competition,
I got my the whole block wishing
that they could run with my division,
but they gone fishing.
With no bait.
Kid your boy hold weight.
I got my soul straight.
I brush your mouth like Colgate.
In any weather, I'm never better.
Your boy's so hot you'll never catch me in the next mans sweater.
If they hate, let them hate.
I drop your whole clan,
Lay your ass down for the three second tan.

Your time is up, my time is now.
You can't see me my time is now.
It's the franchise, boy I'm shining now.
You can't see me my time is now.

Tha Trademarc
It's gonna be what its gonna be.
Five pounds of courage buddy, bass tint pants with a gold T.
It's a war dance, a victory step.
A raw stance, it's what you get when you insist it's my rep.
John Cena, Trademarc, y'all are so so,
We talk about the bread you make but don't know the recipe for dough though.
Aiming guns at all your photo's, that's a no no.
When this pop, your lip lock, your big talk's a blatant no-show.
See what happens when the ice age melts?
You see, minatory status is not what matters, but it helps.
I rock your timepiece by Benny if any.
The same reason y'all can love me, is the same reason y'all condemn me.
A man's measured by the way that he thinks.
Not clothing lines, ice links, leather, or minks.
I spent twenty plus years seeking knowledge of self.
So for now Marc records living life for wealth!

Your time is up, my time is now.
You can't see me, my time is now.
It's the franchise, boy I'm shining now.
You can't see me, my time is now.

Your time is up, my time is now.
You can't see me, my time is now.
It's the franchise, boy I'm shining now.
You can't see me, my time is now.
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
3:59 pm
Joss Whedon Press Conference
first of all...just to update my dad had stomach surgery this morning to untangle part of his intestine and it was completely successful...so now just comes the recovery

01/19: 3:52pm EST: Marvel just concluded their latest press conference, this month to promote the start of the upcoming second year of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men, beginning with February's #13. In attendancewere the usual Marvel suspects, along with Joss Whedon himself, who joined the call a few minutes after it began.
Below are highlights from the 50-minute long call, followed by a preview of Astonishing X-Me #13...

The conference began with editor Mike Marts thanking readers and retailers for being patient during the title’s hiatus and making an announcement considering the title’s schedule.
Issue #13 will be in stores on February 22nd, Marts clarified, noting that this new run will be 12 issues, and be bi-monthly #13-17 (February - August), and then monthly thereafter.

Asked about the creative team dynamic, Marts said that he's found it refreshing in that all the team are professional and on-time with their work, noting that Cassaday, has hit all his deadlines to date.

Marvel Marketing Manager Jim McCann said that issue #13 will have a sketch variant cover, which retailers will be able to order 5 copies per Diamond account. Along with that, McCann noted, if retailers orders on Astonishing #13 exceed their order for Astonishing #1 (the Wolverine claws cover), they will receive a greater discount.

Astonishing will be mostly its own run, Marts said when asked if it will interact with Civil War and other events. Although, the editor noted that Whedon will reflect the current (post House of M) status quo of the Marvel Universe, and will refer to Civil War.

As for the decision to make the series bi-monthly for its first few issues, Marts said that the decision was made in order to get the series going again sooner, rather than later. Marts also said that the decision to begin again with issue #13 was made by Whedon and Cassaday, who want to see the entire work as a 24-issue run.

Marts said that the creative and editorial team have their process down to a "science," noting that Whedon's scripts are "flawless" when they come in, and again referred to the professionalism of the team in regards to the work.

Asked if a Starjammers/Firefly crossover would be a possibility, Marts, while admitting the idea was a good one, said the decision would be Whedon's to make.

Asked what Marvel has learned about the success of Astonishing, and if it's something that can be applied to other X-titles, Marvel's John Dokes said that really, they were banking on Whedon's name to sell the book, as well as Cassaday's art. Dokes said that Marvel is expecting the series to win awards during the coming awards season.
Marts agreed, adding that while Marvel was planning on marketing the series on Whedon's name, word of mouth played a key role in the marketing of the series.

Continuing, Marts said that if Astonishing has taught Marvel anything its that they shouldn't be afraid to focus on the characters and tell more concise stories that don't have to be epic, globe-trotting and galaxy-spanning, and just focus on the characters themselves.

Marts confirmed that Astonishing won't be Whedon's only Marvel work in the coming year, saying that he will likely have a second Marvel Universe project of some kind in 2006, though he declined to say what the project would be, or give any details on length or format…

The Astonishing upcoming run will be broken into segments like the first one, with, as Marts said, issues #13-18 forming one arc, and #19-#24 a second arc.
[Whedon then joined the call...]

Asked about how John Cassaday and colorist Laura Martin's participation have affected his work, Whedon joked, saying that they're dragging him down, but then, more seriously, praised both for acting in a similar fashion to an entire production team on a film. The writer noted that his working relationship with Cassaday was one of the best three or four in his life, adding that neither of them could've guessed how much the two of them would end up in each other's heads.

“Stay off the Internet, stay off the internet," Whedon said was the second most important thing he learned about comics, claiming that Geoff Johns gave him the sage advice early on. As for the first, Whedon said that the character interaction is more important than the set dressing and plot elements.
"People want the X-Men, and all that other stuff is gravy."

Whedon said that the next arc of Astonishing is more “internal”, saying it's a six-issue examination of who the people are, what makes them tick, and how you can take them apart.
"And God, I'm having fun", he said.

Asked if he's planning on creating any new mutants, Whedon said that hasn't been his focus in writing X-Men. "I'm someone who can just focus on one side of the Rubik's Cube," Whedon said.
He also teased the idea that Emma Frost may be a villain this time around.

"Obviously, I'm buff like Colossus, and very hairy like Logan," Whedon joked when asked which X-Men he most identifies with. The writer then said that he'd just finished an issue with Scott and Kitty, and did identify with them, in that they both have a quality of constantly being in over their heads, and overcoming the situation despite that.

Asked if there will be any interactions with characters from the Marvel Universe in this run, Whedon pointed to the large events going on around the X-Men, which complicate things in that regard.
Whedon noted that he wanted to bring the Vision into the "Danger" arc, but couldn't due to events affecting the character elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

That said, Whedon noted that he and Cassaday will end their run with a Giant-Sized Annual, which will include as many guest stars as Marvel will allow him to use.

Whedon was more open to a Buffy/Kitty-X-Men crossover rather than a Starjammers/Firefly crossover (adding he thinks of Firefly as more “grounded” than the Starjammers), though he added that he felt it might be a little bit of hubris to bring in a reality that he created and have it interact with the X-Men.

"Colossus is tough," Whedon said when asked which characters he finds difficult to write, due to the character internalizing his emotions and feelings. "Someone who doesn't express all that they're feeling all of the time always frightens me," Whedon said. "I don't have an unspoken thought."

The two arcs that will make up the run were pitched before House of M, Whedon said, noting that's part of the reason that the run is more internalized, and not dealing with the "outside" Marvel Universe.

In speaking of his progress, Whedon noted that he is ahead on his scripts, citing a bet he's made with his wife where, if he's late, he has to watch an unnamed movie three times in a row.
Whedon noted that he's outlined through issue #3, and is ready to begin working on the final version of issue #3 as well.

Asked if there's anything he's wanted to do that he can't do for any reason, Whedon said that two of his favorite ideas were for new characters and sequences, but said that the moments he wanted to see the most made it into the comics. Whedon named the fastball special and the revelation of Colossus as being two of his favorites, as well as the Kitty Pryde/Emma dynamic, and something coming in issue #14, as well as a "Logan moment" in issue #15, "that's going to alter the fabric of the known universe. Not to oversell it, but I think the world is going to turn the other way, and Margot Kidder is going to come out of a ditch."

Speaking more of Astonishing's place in the rest of the X-verse, Whedon said that he had to change a few things due to events such as House of M and Deadly Genesis, and will also be downplaying other events as far as Astonishing is concerned, though not contradicting anything that has happened.
"It's important for me to stay current in the Marvel Universe without being a slave to it," he said.

As far as Colossus coming back after being cremated, Whedon said that the explanation would be the same as anything that people want to see emotionally, but have to explain scientifically. Whedon cited switching bodies and cremating the other body, noting that it wasn't the best explanation ever, "But it got me to Kitty opening that door," he said.

Asked about his history as a fan with the X-Men, Whedon said he started with the early Claremont days, and hit many of the highlights, but drew special attention to Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's run on the series, praising it for it's vision, and for being what brought him back to the X-Men, noting that it has given him so much material to draw from.

"Absolutely," Whedon said when asked about doing comics other than X-Men, self-effacingly joking, "I think the comics reach about as many people as my TV shows did."
Whedon said it all comes down to time, noting that none of it is any different from him. "Telling a story is telling a story," he said. "It's just a question of time. I have to be realistic with my time. I'm getting back into Buffy comics and to a lesser extent, Serenity comics, but it's a matter of time."

Whedon also noted that he does have other comic offers on the table that he's going to consider when his schedule clears.

The writer said that for him, a key moment in developing the "Danger" story was coming up with Emma saying, "The Danger Room is angry."
That sentence, he said, energized him to start exploring the concept of the Danger Room. Whedon cited his interest in artificial intelligence as helping him to further develop the idea of an A.I. based in a room that was designed to kill anyone inside.

call concluded
Monday, January 16th, 2006
3:33 pm
Yay for hospitals...
so yea watching the pats vs broncs game sat nite and i get a call from my mom who says my dad was just rushed to the hospital by ambulance after he was screaming in pain and couldn't move. he had intense stomach pains..and vomiting

he has a history of stomach problems when i was 2(1983) he had part of his intestinte(sp?) removed

so anywho i stayed till 4am sat nite with my mom and they did tests yesterday and basically the point where he had his surgery in 1983 ...theres a obstruction or kink like the intestine is tangled so they are putting a tube in now thats pumping out green bile and junk and basically this may work but it takes 3-5 days....and if it doesnt work then they do surgery.....and since he cant eat..hes def gonna be in the hosiptal for at least 5 days

ive been a wreck but im hanging in there..

i know this isnt something fatal or anything but if you guys could keep him in your thoughts id appreciate it
Friday, December 23rd, 2005
7:50 pm
Joss Whedon on the future of TV
This is a transcript of a guest article written by my lord and master Joss Whedon for TV Guide(this weeks issue)...its too funny and witty not to share

Joss Whedon on the future of TVCollapse )
Monday, November 14th, 2005
2:23 pm
Tribute to Captain Charisma
Here is a picture tribute to the greatest, most charasmatic wrestler today...Christian Cage aka Captain Charisma

Captain CharismaCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
2:17 pm
Joss Whedon update!! BUFFY SEASON 8 by Joss from DARK HORSE Comics
Whedon posted:

“And now on to the rumors and allegations section. Many of you want to know what the future holds. Anxiety, hurricanes, and Male Pattern Baldness. But maybe also some art-stuff, which is really what you guys are into. No, I don't know anything about sequels, or spinoffs, or Nathan's President for Life gig. I'll keep my ear to the ground of course, but for now I'm just going to rest on my laurels (I have two). Oh! Oh! But I will tell you that Brett and I are talking about another three part comic, and it's gonna be a hoot. Takes place during the show, and has some sweet character deaths -- I mean moments! ("And what brings you to our ship, FutureTara..?") Sorry. Horrible taste. (Empty inside!) But wait'll you see the cover...

“Speaking of Dark Horse Comics, they are starting a new Buffy comic, and as I understand it, it will take place after the end of Buffy and Angel and be canon in the Buffy world. And I understand it that way 'cause I'M WRITING IT. I'm kicking off the book with a four issue arc that finds Buffy -- you guessed it -- living in Italy with The Immortal. (Scott [Allie] -- don't be mad I spoiled the announcement -- saying it means I have to finish it.) Then I'll be overseeing the book more closely, to make sure it remains true. Gonna be interesting. And it just might tie in to...

“The infamous Spike movie. Still haven't finalized anything, but I feel that very soon I'll be able to go to James and say something a lot more interesting than "Wouldn't it be cool if..." 'Course, I just hope he's free some time this decade. See how my peeps is all actifying! Tomorrow night is AMIAS, (that's alias with Acker in it.) Happy. And totally jealous.

“See, the Buffyverse glows in my brain with a new, overreaching arc that will include the comics, Spike, and more. It's taking shape and soon you will know its name. And you will tremble.

“Then of course there's a little thing called X-Men, who are apparently supposed to become astonishing again real soon. I miss me my Cassiday. Can't wait to see the fan response when I kill Wolverine and replace him with fan-fave Marrow.

“Well, I certainly can't say much more, except that Wonder Woman is finally kicking ass that is not my ass, as in, I'm loving this script. She's saving the world in a tiara, people; this is why there's a me!”

YOU HAVE NO IDEA how excited i am right now............we could all use a little more Whedon in our life........i cannot WAIT for buffy season 8..........by JOSS!! ..........

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
8:37 pm
so anyone who knows me ..knows that my favorite band in the world is Weezer....and having seen them last month......with foo fighters ...my friend and i realized how Rivers(the lead singer) is totally not into playing live...and i explained how rivers is anti-rock star type stuff, he doesnt like playing in front of people, hed rather be sitting alone in a room...he doesnt enjoy the meeting of fans or anything...so i knew he was weird...but today i found out disturbing things lol

A band that toured with Weezer said: "Playing the shows was fun. But Weezer doesn’t socialize with themselves or other bands. Rivers wears those gun-ear-muff-things and sunglasses when he’s walking around backstage so he can’t hear anybody call his name and pretends not to notice anyone. And he gets wheeled out of the venue in a hollowed out amplifier case. He had his assistants put pillows in there, he’d get in, they shut it up and they’d wheel him out to the bus so he didn’t have to see anybody. Good luck to that guy. God bless him. In my opinion, if you’re on the road with a band and you don’t talk to them, what’s the point? It’s supposed to be fun, we’re all doing what we love, and we’re not working day jobs. We should be bonding in that kind of fortunate state."

and then i read when they were on howard stern: According to notes, producer Rick Rubin got Rivers so heavily into meditation that Rivers gave up all his possessions and took a vow of celibacy. Rivers acknowledged that he has taken a two-and-a-half year break from sex, but that he has done so because he needed to concentrate more on his music. Rivers says that he feels that the quality of the band’s latest album, “Make Believe,” was due, in part, to his lack of sex. Rivers admitted that he hasn’t pleasured himself since early 2003 either, which he said has been a more difficult streak to keep alive than not having actual sex.

just weird stuff........rivers is quite the character.....but damn does he write good music..i dont agree with his attitude towards other bands...but im still a fan and will always be

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
9:42 pm
ok first of all if anyone wants to see the pics i took..of eliza etc...IM ME.

but lets see me and my friends(Matt, Boyd, Higgins, Batman) headed out on fri..........I first check out Angel medina's panel which was awesome...he told of how he broke into the business and gave much insight into the industry. and of course announced hes Marvel exclusive and how hes taking over MK Spidey with Roberto (the writer of MK FF).

went to the Crisis panel...it was pretty decent but most of it was avoiding the questions obviously since crisis #1 comes out in 2 weeks. But all in all not bad.

then came getting a spidey sketch from angel medina which came out great (ill scan it when i have a chance) then stopped by the Silent Devil booth cuz my friend needed to grab drac vs KA #2..Christian B. and Moreno are super nice guys!

then i think the rest of the day was spent walking around and looking at merch...

fri night me and matt went to see Serenity. FUCKIN AMAZING!. nuff said.

Sat got up early ...got tix to Cup of Joe and Eliza Q and A...went to see David Mack next who is without a doubt the nicest creator ive ever met....grabed a copy of kabuki vol 1 and had him sign DD 51-55 ...again i cant stress how nice he is.

went back to the silent devil booth to get my Drac vs KA #1 and 2 signed ..again christian beranek ...awesome guy ...then met a bunch of boarders who were with travis

Then went to cup of joe panel...which has been talked about already....it was pretty good

then got in line to see Mick Foley and shot the shit with boarders Travis and Xander Borne which made the long wait seem like nothing

Met Mick.....got a pic with him and he is awesome as usual

went to the eliza q and a session........not as bad as i expected......she is really beautiful in person.....i got some pics......and her stock went up in my book when i overheard a guy telling someone i guess earlier in the day during her signing .......peolpe wanted pictures and the security said no way...and basically eliza said.....no! we are doing pictures....which i think is totally commendable
then Shopped around......went to the mondo marvel panel......which was really good..

went back to boyds house in watertown and then headed to UNOS......met up with the huge group of boarders(Xander Boune, itsdlevy, BlueNote, Benjamin SIMPSON, Anthony the Ghost, TopFeeq, Shwicaz, Christian Beranek, Jenifu, Flonk and Johnny Z and whoever else i forgot..my apologies ..i met like all of u in a span of minutes lol)

eventually we went inside and travis and bluenote and his sis def had me laughing my ass off the entire time...travis telling us tales of strippers and just little funny stories...such a great group of people ...all of them .......the bendis board is filled with so many kick ass peeps who are awesome to hang with

so yea the meet up was def one of the highlights of the weekend.

was gonna go to a bar after the meet up to see berman and other assorted clowns but instead went and home and crashed around 2am....

sunday.......got a mary jane sketch from salvador larrocca ( again an awesome guy) ......got some stuff signed by Joe Q who told me a funny story about how some kid was shooting a documentary and asked him to bad mouth paul levitz on it ...so joe did as a joke and did in a parody pro wrestling type trash talk....and come to find out the kid turned out to the be the boyfriend of paul levitz's daughter lol and lastly saw greg rucka who fuckin turned out to be hilarious and was shooting the shit with me..

then bought some shit and went home......whew
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
1:02 pm
For Meg
In honor of Star Trek debuting 39 years ago tomm on Sept 9th, 1966

here is Captain James T. Kirk Dancing

Dancing Kirk

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Saturday, August 20th, 2005
9:52 pm
u know what i love? people who arent my friends and prob never were.....and havent talked to me in 1-2 years plus....but yet they continue to browse and read my livejournal.....i know i shouldnt care ...but it just fuckin irks me....i imagine they are probably sitting around making fun of me as they read it..well to those 1 to 2 people (trust me i know who you are.....and one of you... i thought was better than this) STOP READING MY FUCKIN JOURNAL...if u care about my life ...how bout shooting me an IM ....nah ud rather to continue reading it and pretend you dont remember or know me.

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
1:59 pm
look at my cool collection of Buffy/Angel Figures......look if u dare.....i actually have lots more but sadly only so many can fit on my dresser


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Sunday, August 7th, 2005
7:12 pm

Which member of the JLA are you?


Losing his parents to a tragic mugging, Bruce Wayne took a vow to wage a one man war on crime. Using the image of the bat to strike fear into criminals, he dons the guise of the Dark Knight after the sun sets. A genius detective and scientist he is a valuable member to the League even without powers

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by YouThink.com quizzes and personality tests.

Friday, August 5th, 2005
7:03 pm
yes on the eve of Jobberfest 2k5........i implore you all to look how much money i have wasted to date..aka look at the DVDs i own......many i havent watched...but i have them...but again im no Scott Toomey..master of the large DVD ownage..


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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
2:08 pm
I Aim to Misbehave
Starting Friday, July 22, at 7 p.m., the Sci-Fi channel will begin broadcasting the best science-fiction series ever made. Coincidentally, it will also be showing one of the best western shows and one of the funniest comedies. And it's called "Firefly."

Five hundred years in the future, a veteran of the losing side of a galactic civil war must find a way to survive on his own terms under the government's radar. With a small, quirky crew and a small, quirky ship, Captain Malcolm Reynolds takes on whatever job, legal or otherwise, that he can get. And one day he picks up something that the government wants very badly.

"Firefly" was created by Joss Whedon, who also created a blonde vampire-slayer you may have heard of. His sci-fi show was cancelled midseason, only airing 11 episodes. So why should you watch a half-finished science fiction/western from three years ago? Here's why:

It was cancelled by Fox, which shouldn't count.

Cannily realizing that viewers enjoy the thrill of the chase, Fox skipped the pilot, ran the second episode first, mixed up the rest, and waged a heroic battle to keep interest high by endlessly airing commercials about "Oliver Beene." Had "24" been handled the same way it would never have made it to "12."

Of course, after "Firefly" was canceled, Fox finally ran the first episode because TV executives like a good joke as much as anybody.

It could be the only science-fiction show ever with a Chinese/bluegrass soundtrack.

The lack of this is exactly why "Enterprise" failed.

It's a dessert! It's a floor topping!

In this future the farther settlers travel from the central Core planets, the more rural they get. So you get spaceships and computers, but you also get horses and revolvers and pretty floral bonnets. There's excitement and comedy and romance and crime and even an autopsy or two. No swapped soccer moms or entrails-eating for money, but I think the other networks have those covered.

You won't feel stupider afterward.

Regular television consumption will leave you with the inescapable conclusion that everyone in the world is a moron. People say stupid things, make stupid assumptions, and consistently fail to see obvious solutions because then the show would end 52 minutes too soon. You can actually feel your brain freezing up from vapor lock

The folks in "Firefly," good and bad alike, tend to do the same things you usually scream at television people to do, before you think to scream them, except when they're doing something even better. As it turns out that doesn't always help, but at least then you've got no one to blame but yourself.

Anyway, how much "Stargate" can you watch?

I mean, seriously.

No weird new science.

No time travel or glowy swords or teleportation or clones or dimensions or sonic bathrooms or food in pill form or anything that isn't an obvious extension of existing technology. Our heroes' ship "Serenity" is comparable -- in personality, performance, and gas mileage -- to my 13-year-old Tercel. ( Firefly, in case you are wondering, refers to the ship's type.)

Most importantly there are no aliens, bug-eyed, lobster-headed or otherwise. "Firefly" is about human-type people, and that's plenty interesting enough.

It has whores and preachers.

Ordinarily two professions that television shows run away from like scared little girls. People don't change much, even in 500 years, and both the thrill and mystery of sex and the challenges and comfort of religion will still be with us. I hope.

It'll get you ready for the movie.

Yes, the movie.

Thanks to massive DVD sales and -- well, let's go with "devoted," because "dangerously obsessive" sounds so negative -- fan interest, Whedon and all the original actors will gleefully return to fly in the big damn movie "Serenity," which is scheduled to be released Sept. 30. This does not generally happen with canceled TV shows, but it happened with this one.

You may notice I've said little about the characters. I haven't mentioned Mal's frightening pragmatism, Zoe's loyalty, Wash's sense of humor, Kaylee's sunny nature, Jayne's cheerful violence, Book's wisdom, Inara's sensuality, Simon's sacrifice, or River's peculiarities, and that's because trying to label any of them with a single description is useless. You really should meet them yourself.

So, now's your chance. See the shows as they were meant to be seen -- in order (!), with the three unaired episodes -- and enjoy a truly great science-fiction show.



You cant stop the SIGNAL..
Thursday, June 30th, 2005
11:48 pm
yea..ok so i was syched i bought this novel Buffy: Queen of the Slayers which tkaes place after the series ended......its by nancy holder(who wrote the watches guide and other books) im like this cant be that bad...i want to know what happens..even if it isnt in real continuity.........lord in heaven...this is like the worst FANFIC ive ever read.........its dribble, shitting on everything words cannot describe...ill use this from some one at that bendis board...who describes the horror.......Joss Whedon let this get published? what in the blue helll..........dont EVER EVER READ THIS ...disregard everything u read

My god it's bad. It takes place minutes after the series finally & uses some elements of Angel season 5.

It reads like bad fan fiction. Here are some of the things that happen.

Not all the watchers died, there is one who is much like Quentin travers running the new counsel.

Back in the series finally, when Willow's hair turned white & she said " Oh, My . Goddess." She was looking up to a higher dimention where Tara was a higher being watching over her. Kenedy sees tara too & breaks up with Willow because tara is still with Willow.

Not only is tara a higher power, but so isn't Anya.

Whistler comes back.

So does Oz

When the Sunnydale Hellmouth was closed, The Cincinati one explodes. Buffy sends Faith, Robin, Rhona, & Vi over to check it out. This is what the Master was trying to do in season 1, open the heallmouth. It's opened & Most of the new slayers are fucking around in Rome with Buffy & the Immortal.

The Immortal has "more sorcreres than there are new slayers", even though he's suposed to think of magic as dirty. It doesn't jive with what the CEO of W & H's Italian branch says about him.

In fact, the Italian CEO is in the book too. She tells Buffy that Spike's alive.

Xander's trip to Africa was to see the 3 shadowmen & the first slayer. They give him superpowers. Aparently Buffy didn't go back in time to visit them ,just to Africa.

Faith spends at least 2 months in Cinci fighting thousands of demons. The city is deserted. Of all the stupid things she adds into the mix, the one thing that might make some sence doesn't happen. There is no sign of the American government at all. No Riely Finn.

Willow & Kenedy are never in South America.

There is End of the World (tm) weather all around the world, but Wolfram & Hart knows nothing about it.

Oh, Faith, who was always worried about being a fugitive, hangs out with some cops at the beginning of the book, before all the hellmouth stuff goes down in cinci.

I've only skimmed the last 3 chapters, but it seems that Oz leads a pack of werewolves, Whistler shows Buffy that Angel, Spike, Illyria, & Gunn are in the fight of their lives, & that the goodness that is in both Angel & Spike form an extra soul or something & impregnates Buffy in the epilogue.

So Buffy is pregnant with Spike's & Angel's Champion baby. It was done in a magical manner to counterbalance the overwhelming evil in the world. Buffy isn't pregnant and the kid isn't "real."

Willow was the only one able to see the kid other than Buffy.

Oh, also Willow, Kenedy & Oz are now best of friends.

Also The Immortal payed Andrew lots of money to lie to Angel & Spike while they were in Rome. Buffy doesn't even like him. She just lets him bankroll the slayer training in Rome. The Immortal was a real letdown in this novel.

so yea..this is horrible, beyond words....its quite possibly the worst thing that i've read. EVER.
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
8:00 pm
Why I Enjoy Batman
As i was sitting thinking how much i loved batman begins and how it totally blew me away(seen it 3 times and debating going a 4th)....i thought of WHY i liked the character of Batman so much and why i connected with the movie so much. It made me remember things from childhood...why i enjoyed batman then and why i enjoy the character to this day...

basically it all goes back to his origin..i think batmans origin(god bless bill finger and bob kane)..is one of the best crafted if not the best superhero origns ever....We see a young Bruce Wayne watch the brutal murder of his parents(where as spider-man Doesnt actually SEE uncle ben getting killed..big difference). At that moment of intese grief, Bruce commits himself to making criminals pay. His obsession motivates him to do something we all COULD do theroetically at least if we were motivated tehe same way. We can all understand his grief, and his frustration at havign to watch his parents get gunned down i nfront of him. Therefore his origin is grounded in EMOTION...which i think is a key point unlike say Superman......wow hes an alien and he crashed on earth..its an emotion thats timeless..i mean this was 1938,...2005...still revelent. Batman does what he does for himself ..if his actions help society thats an added bonus. ..even if Batman goes TOO dark (which i think DC has done b4....morrison is guilty of it) we can still see where he is coming from...

i think when i was a kid i obviosuly didnt look this deep into batman..i liked him at a basic level because he was neat looking with the cape and mask who was smart and had no superpowers..he swong around on a rope ...i think i thought hey i could be BATMAN......if i trained hard enough etc....no way i could be Superman...id have to be an alien and from space.....batman was more grounded to me......even more so then spiderman (my personal fav)...i think this was and still is a huge reason batman resonates strongly with kids

and im done

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